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The Story

Todayis the day you turn twelve years-old, meaning today is the day you get your first Pokemon. But when you had been expecting an uneventful journey throughout the Tunod area, you’d be dead wrong. A mysterious power is sending the Pokemon universe and the real world on a collision course. A mystifying team lurks across the ruins of ancient Tunod, using a mysterious goal. You are going to meet partners in three roaming coaches from the Johto region, along with a scarfed Pikachu hell bent on vengeance. Do you want to manage to handle it?

The newest beta finishes at: Only before Johto’s National Park.


Sporadically, I will launch specific occasions for the-game the only 1 is designed to date, but there will be mo-Re ultimately. These phrases are available below.

Entering “RIGHTS!” as your desire at the wishing fountain in Darkwood City can cause give rise to a cavern to to look, using a specific specific Pokemon interior.


Pick from five beginners as opposed to three!

Travel over the parts of Tunod, Johto, andRankor

Dream World Pokemon

Improved problem (You Are Going To have to to teach!)

Vacation in the Pokemon World and the True World

Capture all five starters

Rematches with instructors,as well as all Gym Leaders

All legendaries from Kanto to Sinnoh, along with eight from Unova

New away-of-battle effects


I have bug-examined this beta myself, but there’s always the likelihood I have lost something. Should you encounter any bugs, feel free to leave them here!

Red text = Glitch or bug that could crash your game

Eco-friendly text = Small bug

Quite Tall Grass runs on the strange conflict system, Not a glitch, just some thing I forgot to mend.

The Luxurious Ball in Kris’s room doesn’t disappear upon getting it.

In very rare instances, people have reported an insurge of shinies. I’ve heard this can create the Regis, if got, change into bad eggs. The shinies quit following a couple of conflicts, though.

Crazy Giratina at the back of of Dark Give (xDDDDDD)

Fighting the angered Mew with a Master Ball will trigger a conflict having a standard, catchable Mew. (Since Mew is designed to be uncatchable, the script divisions if you have a Master Ball to remove it for the battle, plus I created the wildbattle for Mew instead of Angry Mew).

Visiting the Pokemon Center on Haunted Stone, time for town, and fainting before you go to some other Pokemon Middle will trigger you to go back to Haunted Stone, making you stuck.

Mt. Heater is unescapable, unless you have Dig or an Escape Rope.

Running away of Park Balls in the Safari Zone can put you in walls.

Getting Cresselia will make you stuck!


All these are things I both cannot repair, or don’t believe is significant enough to justify my time today.

Several Pokemon joined in competitions are really out-of-place. I have seen people using Dialga and Shaymin, amongst the others. I don’t understand how to repair it, and practically zero studies have been completed on it, from what I can tell.

Druddigon and Timburr have glitched dex items. They were set in the blank Pokemon areas, together with I did not learn till after that when you catch one of these, it shows a garbled mess for the dex entry. Again, I have no idea how to fix this.

The more recent Pokemon do not have their proper shouts. I didn’t believe people might find it around it has been, but I understand that ______ h AS ______s shout. For more info in regards to pokemon glazed download have a look at our own web-page: http://pokemonglazed.net/I loathe managing music hacking, so I can not do something about it at the moment.

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